Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Casco Bay Publishing

Enjoying the Ride: Two Generations of Tragedy and Triumph will be published by an upstart company called Casco Bay Publishing, LLC. Okay, this will be their first book. Okay, this may be the only book they ever publish. Okay, Casco Bay Publishing is Kim and me.

It’s something self-publishers do. It’s called an imprint, and it makes your book look more professional. It also prevents Amazon from putting their name on your book as the publisher. And finally, it's a nice way to separate the book business from your personal finances.

Casco Bay is what we call the coastline, islands, and ocean in southern Maine around Portland (see photo I took, below). It seems that half the businesses in Greater Portland are named Casco Bay This or Casco Bay That, so we were pleasantly surprised that Casco Bay Publishing was still available.

In the meantime, we inch closer to launch day.…

I plan on having two kickoff events, one near my home in South Portland, Maine and one in Lincoln, Maine where I grew up. I’ll announce those dates and locations as soon as I have them finalized — but rest assured it will be before the end of summer.

The print book will be available for sale by me personally and at Amazon. I also hope to place it at several retail locations around the state. An electronic version will be available through Amazon Kindle. Later, probably in the fall, I plan to release an audio version which I’m just beginning to record now.

Simultaneous with the book rollout, I’ll have a new website that incorporates news and information about the book along with my regular blog posts. Standby for more information on that.

A friend and prominent member of the MS community wrote a foreword for the book. Any guesses who?

I’ve gathered some endorsements along the way from authors such as Joseph Sousa and Travis Mills. Those appear on the back cover of the book.

In short, don’t worry about not knowing when the book goes on sale. I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops, and you’ll be unfriending me on social media to stop the noise. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018