Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Down East Magazine Publishes an Excerpt From My Memoir

I've always been a huge fan of Down East Magazine, widely considered the best magazine about life in Maine. No matter how bookish you may be, no matter how learned in the written word, it's the stunning photography that draws you into the magazine. Only after you find a comfortable spot to delve into the articles do you come to appreciate the quality of the writing. That's what brings you back month after month.

In June of this year, I took a couple chapters from my as yet unpublished memoir, blended them into a single essay, and chopped it down to meet their word limit. I submitted the essay in late June, then I pretty much forgot about it.

Two months later I heard back. They wanted to publish the piece in their November edition. Given that I had written about deer hunting with my father, the timing was perfect. They even paid me a modest sum. They didn't know (or maybe they did) that I would have paid them to print my essay. After all, their monthly circulation is about 100,000 copies.

We went through a couple rounds of editing, and the finished product is now on newsstands—Down East Magazine, November 2016 edition, page 48. The essay is entitled "Deer Spotting: A longtime sportsman faces down illness — and heads out into the field one last time."

What a thrill this has been for me.

Now, back to work on finding a literary agent for my book…

Note: As of now there is no free, public link to the story, but I'll let you know if that changes. For anyone who is interested in purchasing the November issue of Down East for $5.99, click here. To purchase a subscription, click here. 


  1. Great job! Love the photo of you by the ocean!

  2. Way to go Mitch! Proud of you.

    Say no more... heading to Down East to buy a copy!

    1. Darren, down East is only about 3000 miles from you ;-)

    2. OK back, read the article.

      The opening paragraphs are excellently crafted to titillate the senses and draw the reader in.

      Enjoyed reading the story again and was impressed with the embellishments.

      Well done sir, well done.

  3. Well done, that man! This kind of exposure is part of the "chipping away" process which begins to make people aware of your memoir. The more, the merrier . . . .

    1. Thank you, good sir. That "how to eat an elephant" analogy comes to mind.