Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Few Items…

Apple Watch Update

Last week I wrote about my Apple Watch. The only complaint I had was that I couldn’t use Siri, hands-free, to call 911. When I tried, the watch gave me a message indicating that I needed to complete the operation from my iPhone. What if I fall and I can’t reach my iPhone?

I had a long chat session with Apple technical support. I wore out two levels of technicians before I found myself with Melanie, a Senior Advisor. At the end of our chat conversation, she said that she would need to speak with the software engineers to determine if I was doing something wrong, or if this feature simply wasn’t supported.

She called me a couple of days later and said, “It’s not supported.”

I already had one workaround in place (see my previous post), and she gave me a second workaround. By making a contact called “HELP,” and making that contact a favorite, and giving the contact a phone number of 911, I can place a call to 911 from my watch with a couple of button pushes. I just can’t do it completely hands-free.

But the best news is, Apple now realizes that hands-free, voice calling for 911, is a desirable feature for the Apple Watch, and they will try to add it to a future software revision. We shall see.

Oh, and more good news. They read last week’s blog post, and liked it so much they passed it around inside Apple.

Book Title and Cover Design

I have decided on a title for my book, and a basic cover design. I understand that if I work with a publisher they may want to change that, but I like the idea of coming in with a solid idea. One of Kim’s sixth grade students sketched it for me, and I showed it to 15 or 20 folks. I got about 80% positive feedback. My niece Erin, who is an art education major in college, is working up another version for me. As soon as she’s done, I’ll share it here.

Who came up with the idea? Who gets the free lobster dinner? Me, at least I think so. I thought of the title and the cover design in the middle the night a couple weeks ago. But sometimes I think I have an original idea, when it was actually whispered in my ear by somebody else. So, if in fact it turns out that one of you did give me this idea, or something very close to it, I’ll gladly give you all the credit, and the lobster dinner.


I’m a little over six weeks in, and I’ve noticed no changes yet. It’s still very early, and I am by no means discouraged. I’ll keep plugging away and update you every now and then.


  1. Can't wait to see the cover design and learn of the title of your book.
    I'm pretty sure all those ideas about the book came from me during one of my "stalking" moments!!!
    I think a 60/40 cut would be acceptable. I'll send the contract for you to sign. hehehe
    Seriously - Congrats on the book.


  2. thanks Dee. You drive a hard bargain!