Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Four Short Takes

Introducing…iConquerMS™. This is a new and different kind of research initiative for MS, launched by the Accelerated Cure Project in Boston, MA. It's dedicated to patient-driven research, based on the novel use of huge amounts of data from all of us living with MS. The initiative’s Internet portal, www.iConquerMS.org, is now live.

I already visited the website and filled out all their surveys. I encourage everyone with MS to do the same. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to our cause with very little effort, no cost, and most of all, nobody sticking you with a needle.

Upcoming travel: Kim and I haven’t been on an airplane trip since February of 2013, when we vacationed in Jamaica with my brother Tom and his wife Diane. If you recall, that’s the trip where US Air lost both of my wheelchairs for several days. As compensation for that cluster fuck, Kim and I were given enough vouchers to once again take our chances with USAir. We are flying to Las Vegas for the New Year’s holiday. Tom and Diane are coming again, along with my brother Andy and his wife Karen. It won’t only be New Year’s Eve that we celebrate in Las Vegas, however. Kim will be turning 50 while we are out there. Yes, 50.

My abilities have changed since the last time we traveled, so I found a medical equipment rental company in Las Vegas. Desert Medical Equipment will deliver a hospital bed and a Hoyer lift to my hotel room, and charge me $100 per night for the three nights we are there. That’s a significant expense, but things should go so much more smoothly for us. Look for one or more posts about this trip in January.

Newspaper article on accessible pathway: Here’s a follow-up to the blog post I made on November 12, regarding a new accessible pathway around the cobblestone street in my neighborhood. One of the local newspapers heard about the path and called me for an interview. I assumed this story would be buried somewhere in the middle of the paper, but it ended up making the front page. Click here to read.

TED talk on the drug war: I know that I’ve been on a sociology kick lately, but I’ll ask you to indulge me one more time. Here’s the thing. I don’t want more people doing drugs. I don’t want more drug addicts. Yet, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of legalizing drugs – maybe all drugs, but at least starting with marijuana. The war on drugs has been a colossal failure. We’ve ruined so many lives, wasted so much money, and created powerful and terrible criminal organizations. I’m willing to consider drastic alternatives. Please watch this TED video and see if it doesn’t make sense to you.


  1. Where do they put the hospital bed?

  2. Dennis, we are staying at Bally's hotel/casino, which this medical equipment company is familiar with. They told me that if there is a single king-size bed in the room then there is space for the hospital bed. If there are two queen size beds then one of them has to be removed. I called the hotel and they have secured a handicapped accessible room with a king size bed for me. I will definitely take pictures and share.

  3. YES! We CAN do all this stuff--just in a different way, as Amy & Matt Roloff say all the time on Little People. Come to think of it, where's our show? (Wheeled People, perhaps?)
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Daphne, I have every intention of enjoying our vacation, but I will report back to everyone no matter how it goes :-).

  5. Thanks for the tip about IConquerMS. I've signed up.