Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Do’s and Don’ts

I don't walk in the woods anymore, but I do sit by the ocean.
I don't sleep well at night, but I do take naps during the day.
I don't travel much, but people visit me often.
I don't work, but I remain relevant.
I don't walk, run, swim, or bike, but I still breathe, swallow, see, and speak.
I don't drive, but I am driven.
I am dependent but not helpless.
I am disabled, but I'm not hungry, wet, cold, or abused.
I have many friends, but there is much I can't do with them.
I am left behind, but I enjoy my time alone.
I am fragile but not weak.
I am embarrassed but not ashamed.
I am a born optimist, but I don’t like my chances.
I am a prisoner in this body, but I possess free will.
I am embattled, but I remain content.
I am frightened, but I am loved.
I am frustrated and discouraged, but more often I am amused and intrigued.
I worry about the future, but I live in the present.


  1. I love everything you wrote,Carole

  2. Lovely in everyway! You are using it now in this ~WRITE!

  3. Beautiful verses. You summed up our MS lives so well.

  4. Your post is worth printing and framing in my office, Mitch. I always enjoy your words of wisdom.

  5. Everyone, thanks for your kind and supportive words!

  6. Every line was spot on, especially the last -- living in the present -- now that's the challenge!

  7. With tears running down my face, all I can say is, that about sums up living with MS... and thank you, I wasn't able to find the words myself.

  8. Raeann, I'm sorry you have MS, but I'm glad this piece moved you.