Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Long-Overdue Thank You

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I’ve thanked a lot of people in my blog posts: Kim, various friends and relatives, random people who helped me at the grocery store, etc. But I’ve been remiss in expressing my gratitude to the very group of people with whom I share my innermost thoughts each week.

To the readers of this blog… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I don’t write so that I can admire my own words. I only write because I see that people are reading, and because they keep coming back. I have my moments of insecurity and doubt, and these occur at what I would consider a fairly normal frequency. I can run the gamut from questioning my writing skills all the way to wondering if this whole thing is really a well-intentioned and meticulously executed conspiracy among my friends and loved ones just to make me feel better (think The Truman Show). But whenever doubt creeps in, all I have to do is reflect upon the sincerity of the comments and correspondence I receive. I can also step back and appreciate the number of visitors that I have each day, from all over the world. I am soon reassured that this blog is legitimate, and that I’m not making a fool of myself.

Having said this, if there are any conspirators out there who want to come clean, now would be a good time!

I particularly enjoy reading and responding to the comments at the bottom of each blog post, and receiving emails (there is a “click here to email me” button on the top right of my blog page). In fact, I encourage more of you to leave your honest feedback in whichever way you are most comfortable. But if you simply enjoy reading but not responding, I understand. I am often that way with the blogs that I follow.

So once again, here is a big THANK YOU to the group of people who motivates me to dictate my musings onto the interwebs every week. Authoring this blog is a big part of why I lead such a contented life as a disabled person.

Reminder: Many folks tell me that they enjoy my blog but have trouble remembering to check it for new posts. I think half of them are lying (and that's okay). For the other half, you might consider the convenience of having each post delivered to your inbox. Simply type your email address into the box on the right hand side of the blog’s home page, just above the “Subscribe” button, and then click the Subscribe button. Almost immediately you will receive a computer-generated email that you need to respond to in order to confirm your subscription. Then just sit back and have the material delivered to you each week. You can always unsubscribe or automatically forward my emails to your junk folder at any time.

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  1. Mitch, I thank YOU, for the honest and open posts you write. I enjoy your stories, and I live your travels vicariously.
    I see your posts on the reader thingie on my blogger dashboard. (How's that for high tech language!) The blogs I've subscribed to via email have caused me some headaches, so the reader thingie is the best.
    Keep writing, and I'll keep reading and enjoying!

  2. Hiya Mitch! You're welcome. Seems like the least I could do is read the awesomeness that spills out of your brain onto the web. Haha - we netizens are the benefactors.

    It makes me happy when I see a new EtR post.

    Keep on rolling.


  3. You're absolutely welcome, Mitch! You keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

  4. Muffie, yes your news reader is the best way to get blog updates. That's what I use for all the blogs I follow.

    Darren, netizens is a very cool word!

    zoomdoggies, I'll take that deal!

  5. Thank YOU for sharing! Reading your blog is one of my favorite weekly rituals!

  6. I'm new to your blog but wanted to say Thank You for taking away the fear of the future for me.

    Your blog is literally a lifeline for me

    Jane xx

  7. Jane, it warms my heart to no end to have you tell me that I'm helping. Take care.

  8. Mitch,
    Like some of the others said - we THANK YOU MITCH for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences with us.
    It so helps to know that others can identify with what it's like living with the major and minor inconveniences of this "ride".
    Making us laugh or cry is all good for the soul. Thanks again.