Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Farewell Mother’s Day Present

The photo to the left is from Mother's Day, 1972. I'm the pink shirt guy.

My mother passed away in the autumn of 2008, so it’s been five years since our last Mother’s Day together. I’d like to share with you the video gift I gave her that year. It’s hard to know what to get an elderly, quadriplegic woman who is going blind from macular degeneration, but she seemed to enjoy what I threw together.

To learn just a little bit about how amazing my mother was, click here.

Re-watching the video below reminds me how fond I was of my old neighborhood, how hand-cycling used to make me feel so alive, and most of all, how much I miss my mother.

Click here for the YouTube version of this video.


  1. very sweet, thanks for sharing this mitch. i lost my mom very suddenly when i had just turned 9, and mother's day has always been a hard day for me. she was gone before i ever had a chance to tell her how much i loved her, but i think of her almost every day and feel her presence all the time. seems like your mom was a lucky woman.

  2. Stephen, how difficult that must've been for you to have your mother taken away at such a formative age. At least you do have some memories of her. Growing up, I certainly understood that my mother was a remarkable woman, and that she was imparting in me and my brothers some wonderful life lessons. Little did I know that in fact she was imparting me with some very specific, practical lessons on how to lead a contented life as a disabled person. I'm so glad that I paid attention.

    Daphne, I am glad you liked it!