Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Importance of Being Aimless

It’s not as if I’m a prisoner all winter. Even in the cold months I manage to leave the house often, either in my minivan or by negotiating the neighborhood snowbanks in my wheelchair. But travel becomes purely utilitarian. It’s about getting from point A to point B in the least painful way.

Today, I set out with the intention of picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. My wheelchair was set in high gear so as to minimize time spent away from the house, and my mind was singularly focused on the task at hand. But only seconds before being engulfed by the sliding glass doors of the supermarket, I had an epiphany.

For the first time since, I don’t know, November, it was pleasant enough that I could stay outside simply for the sake of staying outside. I spontaneously morphed into summer mode, where it’s perfectly acceptable and generally advisable to take the scenic route. So I did just that, and it was cathartic. (I hope that my spontaneous metamorphosis did not frighten any bystanders.)

For the next six months or so, I shall endeavor to be aimless whenever possible.

Here are some pictures from today’s wandering:

One of several walking/biking paths near my house.
2013 04 500

My view of Maine’s largest city, Portland, as seen from South Portland, near my home. Note how the buds are just now emerging on the trees.
2013 04 510

And for the first time this year Kim drove her Vespa to work. I didn’t get a picture this morning, but here’s one from last year.


  1. I am enjoying the weather too. Nice view by the water. Aimless I will try to be also...

  2. I got out for my first trip on my scooter this year too. Yesterday I deemed it warm enough to go up to Starbucks and then to the Bargain Market. It was a great balm for cabin fever; going to appointments with my husband doesn't count. Being out where no one knows you (at least, not yet) does.

    It's nice to know that Kim has her toys to play with too! Cute red Vespa.

  3. where i live, if i do manage to get out of the house, there's no where to go on my own. i have to rely on someone to drive me somewhere. my son lived in sopo for a while, and spoke highly on the greeenway, as you've pictured. at some point, we plan to move from out here in the boonies to most likely sopo, and i look forward to the luxury of aimlessness! maybe i'll run into you!

  4. There is still one big pile of snow across our front sidewalk but other than that the snow is finally almost all melted.

    I am really looking forward to being aimless outside too!

  5. I love getting outdoors and just wandering. Sometimes it can be frightening, though, when I allow all the 'what-ifs' to enter the picture. So, I just forget about them and enjoy my trip.

  6. Kim, aimlessness has gotten a bad rap. I think it's a virtue!

    Webster,yes, when your whereabouts are unknown you feel like you're getting away with something, don't you :-)

    Stephen, we moved from the suburbs into sopo almost 2 years ago. Until then I was just watching the grass grow because I could no longer drive. Now I can get in my wheelchair and cause all sorts of trouble in the neighborhood.

    Daphne, have you considered pouring hot water on that last snowbank?

    Muffie, nothing ventured…