Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting an Ice Cream Cone- iBot Style

imagesI was tooling around the neighborhood in my iBot earlier this evening, going nowhere in particular. As we now live in the city, there is a McDonald's about a quarter mile from our house. When I was going by, I felt the irresistible urge to enjoy one of their vanilla ice cream cones. I pulled up to the restaurant and noticed that there were two sets of heavy doors that would have been difficult for me to manage. I looked around for some other patrons who might help me, but at that moment there were none.

And then a pickup truck pulled up to the drive-through. Hmm, I thought. So I put my iBot in balance mode and pulled up behind the pickup, waiting patiently while he placed his order. After he drove ahead, I sidled up to the microphone, and the attendant asked me for my order. I requested one ice cream cone. Apparently not being able to see me yet, she instructed me to drive up to the first window to pay.

Idling the iBot behind the pickup truck again, I waited good-naturedly as he paid for his meal. This time he noticed me in the rearview, and I behaved as if this was the most natural thing in the world to be doing. He then pulled ahead to the second window to receive his food.

When I revealed myself to the cashier, I got some strange looks from her and another employee.

I said, "I bet you don't get many wheelchairs in the drive-through, do you?"

With a big smile on her face she replied, "No, you're the first one."


  1. Hey Mitch ! Last friday night cam and I were in McDonalds
    parking lot enjoying hot fudge sundaes!
    Now we can go together!
    see you fri...Leslie B

  2. I am sure you will be a regular customer!

  3. What? Are you ditching the favorite local establishment Red's in favor of McD's??? I guess since you're in a wheelchair I'll have to give you that one...McD's is a lot closer to your house :-)

    Now if you could only manage the ibot up Meetinghouse Hill and get some real ice cream from Beals...

  4. hmmm, th closest McD's to me is still some 20+/- miles (about 40 minutes) away.
    I'm not willing (or ready) to give up the farm, Ya think I can convince them to build one on some graveled country road .... maybe? Probly not.

    Just heard of some farmer in Eastern Colorado with MS that a program called Agri-bility designed & built a wheelchair lift for his tractor so his sons wouldn't have to lift him in & out every time.
    If that's the case I might never move back to the city even if that means no McD's for me!

  5. Leslie,

    Look at you! Commenting on blogs now. Enjoyed spending time with you and Cam on Friday. Let's do it again.


    I did enjoy another ice cream last night :-)


    "Reds" remains my favorite ice cream destination. But it takes me 10 min. to get there versus 2 min. to get to Mickey D's, so yeah, quality may have to suffer for convenience once in a while. Beals? That's another 10 min. each way. Is it that good?


    You know it!


    I see no reason that they can't place McDonald's restaurants at the ends of gravel country roads. If you build it, they will come, right?

  6. Mitch, that's probably illegal as hell and an insurance nightmare for Mcdonalds. But it really sounds like fun, so go for it....Ginny

  7. Wait a minute....If your left arm has joined the "mutiny" and is no longer helpful, how did you juggle the ice cream cone and the controls of the I-Bot?

  8. Ginny,

    Excellent question. It shows you're paying attention!

    My left hand has enough residual strength that I can place the cone in my hand and hold it in place long enough to get through the drive-through lane and into the parking lot. But it wasn't exactly pretty.

    If the cone had fallen over, I would've been in a bit of a mess.

    If I had ordered a bad of burgers and fries, I could've held it between my teeth, but they're still not putting ice cream cones in bags :-)

  9. Well (and here I am again promoting the fast-food industry...To my daughter: "In your face!"), IF a person, unknown to us, in an I-Bot were to order burger and fries and even drink or cone, he OR she could ask for one of those cardboard trays that they give out when people order multiple drinks. Then that person, whoever they may be, could put it in their lap. (Great, now I'm hungry.)