Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taking the iBot to Crotched Mountain

Kim and I recently took a hike in the woods.

“But Mitch, aren’t you in a wheelchair?”

Yes. Yes I am.

Please visit the Crotched Mountain Foundation to learn more about their accessible hiking trails.

Please visit for more information about how to help save this life-changing wheelchair.

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  1. Hey Mitch,
    You were right in my back yard. Crotchet Mt is a stones throw from my cottage in Antrim, NH. Thanks for the info. I never knew this existed. We will definately do this next year.


  2. Great to hear your voice!

    It sounds so trite to say that you inspire people....I hate trite...but, my reaction on watching your video is that we HAVE to get out and DO something! My husband used to spend a lot of time in the woods too, sometimes soldiering, sometimes nature-plucking. Would love to get him back there. Thanks! Ginny F.

  3. Mitch, harhar re: broken million dollar link - shucks, just my luck :) Glad you & Kim were able to take the hike. Just gorgeous. You are such a valuable source of info for. well, everything!! Good to hear your voice, and thanks for bringing me (us) along on your hike! I hope someday to go there. Keep rolling, you're awesome. - Kimmy

  4. Gorgeous, Mitch, gorgeous! In addition to the great sights, I could listen to the leaves crunch and the water sounds all day!

  5. Tuna,

    Damn! I wish I had known. Next time…


    Yes, it's very easy to fall in the habit of staying at home were you have more control over things, but I find it highly therapeutic to get out and enjoy what nature I can.


    No, you are awesome :-)


    Ahhh, the sounds of nature…