Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Neighborhood Excursion #1 – Bug Light Park

I posted here and here about our recent move to a more walkable neighborhood. I plan to make a series of slideshows and/or videos where I share different excursions that I take in my new neighborhood, using my iBot wheelchair. Here is the first such slideshow, my excursion to Bug Light Park (not Bud Light). The one-way trip from my house to the park took 18 minutes. The video, however, is less than 5 minutes long.



  1. I recently got a hand-me-down scooter and have taken a couple trips through my neighborhood, and I love it! I don't have any parks to travel to, unfortunately, so I really enjoyed your trip to Bug Light Park and anxiously look forward to many more fun excursions with you. Thanks Mitch.

  2. Mitch, what a gorgeous area! I've been to Portland several times and think it is one of the best places to live in America. South Portland looks just ideal and I loved the video--keep 'em coming!

  3. You live in a beautiful area Mitch -- gorgeous places to have so nearby that you can visist often. I have to say, Mitch, how much I admire you. I find myself struggling with one leg that no longer works and some days it feels like such a big struggle. Watching your video today, I have to remind myself to appreciate all the things that I still can do. And that I'd better keep focusing on the 'can' and not the 'can't'. Thanks Mitch.

  4. Hello Nick!
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  5. Webster, as I've said in the past, although the adoption of a new mobility aid such as the scooter you've recently used marks a new level of progression in your disease, the day you are able to get around your neighborhood more easily because of an adaptation is a good day not a bad day. Enjoy your scooter and your new mobility!

    Daphne, Kim and I feel fortunate to live in this little corner of the world, except maybe in January through March :-)

    writingms, you've got that right. It is so important to focus on what you can still do, as opposed to what you can't. Doing the latter will just drive you crazy.

    Daniella, I love your new blog. Keep it up!


  6. Hey Mitch, thanks for the tour of your new neighborhood. Looks pretty ideal for wheelchair excursions, I'm happy that I'll be able to put some real mileage on the ibot.

    Just try to refrain from driving the thing right into the harbor with each bit of bad Red Sox news, this week found me tempted to direct my chair directly into the Hudson… Theo, how could you?

  7. The above should read, "you'll be able to put some mileage on the ibot".

    Damn voice recognition software…

    Or was that a Freudian slip, revealing my lust for your contraption…

  8. I loved having a glimpse into the areas around your home. I loved the light house and sailboat pics.

    Thanks, Mitch!