Tuesday, July 5, 2011

25 Years

25 Years ago today I validated the best decision I ever made, and became married to the love of my life, Kim.  I still can't believe how fortunate I am.  I love you honey.  Happy Anniversary.

To read more about our courtship, click here.


  1. Happy 25th! We celebrated our 20th yesterday. You're right. A good partner makes all the difference.


  2. Happy Anniversary. Very sweet and so true - nothing more beautiful than a happy relationship. Very grateful for mine.

  3. happy anniversary to you both. so wonderful when you discover that there's no one else you'd rather be with.

    i just celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary to my best friend last month.

    congratulations to all the happy couples out there.

  4. Happy quarter of a CENTURY! Love makes every pain hurt less and every mile shorter.