Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Power Bob

powerbobWhy is it that two particular types of retailers treat consumers as if we are complete idiots? Yes, I’m referring to auto dealerships and discount furniture stores, and their inane commercials. Although they annoy me to no end, I have been known to purchase items from these establishments if they have a great deal. I even bought a car once from a dealer who called himself Jolly John.

In New England, the discount furniture market is utterly dominated by a chain called Bob's Discount Furniture. Bob's commercials are produced as if three-year-old children are the target market for his sofas and dining room tables. But this guy is taking his quirky persona all the way to the bank. He owns more than 40 stores, and if he’s not near you on the east coast yet, he soon will be. As a result, he lives quite comfortably, thank you.

So what does this have to do with me (notice how almost all of my blog posts have something to do with me)? Here’s the deal. Once I'm in bed, I am kinda stuck there in terms of what positions I can easily get myself into. I can't sit up to watch TV or read. I can't raise my knees up and prop something against them. I can't easily shift from lying on one side to lying on my back to lying on the other side. I just can’t get comfortable. This is where Bob comes in.

After watching a particularly absurd commercial, it occurred to me that one of his products might render my time in bed much more enjoyable (okay, my adolescent readers, let's pause right here so that you can get your get your giggles out of the way). The product is called the Power Bob bed. The Power Bob can automatically raise and lower your head and feet. You can get this bed in king-size such that each half of the bed, mine and Kim’s, can be operated independently. The Power Bob gives you most of the benefits of a hospital bed, without the loneliness.

So we bought the Power Bob, at a price well below that of the national brands, and set it up in our bedroom. Wow, what a wonderful investment!

I make use of the Power Bob in two primary ways. For the first time in years, I can go to bed early or stay in bed late and enjoy television or reading, by raising the upper half of my body using the power Bob.

Also, if at any point during the night I start to get uncomfortable from lying in one position too long, I can raise my feet a couple of inches, or my head a couple of inches, and that seems to help. The Power Bob is doing for me in bed what a wheelchair does for me out of bed. It gives me a little mobility, and a little mobility is a good thing.

Kim loves the new bed too. It's so much more comfortable for her to sit up using the Power Bob than to prop herself up using a pile of pillows behind her head. Maybe everyone should have a Power Bob. If I ever run for public office perhaps I’ll borrow from the Herbert Hoover campaign slogan: "A chicken in every pot and a Power Bob in every bedroom!"


  1. Something else that I have found helpful, a Trapeze bar. I can turn myself over and pull myself to reposition in the bed. It works great for me. Try it. They aren't very expensive.

  2. I think that there might be some money in this for you. You and Kim could do a commercial for Bob. Can you say....Come on Down!


  3. I am glad it works for you, I wondered about those beds!

  4. Sounds great! I may look into the stores around here to compare prices.
    I giggled at your warning to the adolescents! I taught that age group, and my standard admonishment was, "Don't go there..."

  5. Hey Mitch,

    "It's a no brainer" as Bob says!!! Jon wants to find me a hospital bed and that leaves him on is own. You and Bob solved our problem.


  6. So, you don't get "stuck" in the foam mattress? It sounds wonderful. I'd be afraid I couldn't move on one, though. Up and down is good, but what about side to side?

  7. Anonymous, yes, I envision a couple of trapeze-like devices but am trying to sell the house and dont want to freak out the buyers...once we move, or decide not to, then we'll do some of that.

    Tuna, what you don't know is that this post IS a commercial. I made $500 bucks, but lost it all playing poker in vegas last night. I miss my powerbob already (that statement just earned me another $500 to lose tonight).

    Webster, I was afraid of that very thing, but it is not the case. I love the comfort of the memory foam (my first such mattress), and can roll around as well as ever, which is not very well at all.

  8. My favorite movie is "What About Bob?"
    Now I think I know why.
    Loved your piece on CCSVI and the brave possibilities for us.
    You are an amazing man.
    All the best from BC (Oliver)Canada
    Love your blog and pics 2

  9. Hi! I've been thinking about an adjustable bedframe, and found Bob's to be much cheaper than what other stores offer. But I worry you get what you pay for and it might not hold up well. I found your blog post in a web search and I was wondering how your Power Bob has held up? Have you had any problems with it? Thanks!


  10. Amy,

    So far so good. It's been about 18 months and I love my power bob as much as I did on the first day. We've had no problems with it, knock on wood…

    1. Hi, I too wonder, are you still enjoying the Bob’s adjustable bed?

    2. Sissy, funny you should mention that. I'm doing another post on my bed this week, and the answer to your question is, yes, I'm still enjoying the bed.

  11. That's great to hear! I think I will go for it. :)

    Your blog is very uplifting. My family's been struggling since my dad got Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease, which has some similarities to MS. He went from recovering from hip surgery with a lot of hope to bedridden in about one year. The bed will be for me and my breathing/sinus issues, though -- Dad's got a hospital bed that can go up and down in addition to moving the head and feet.

  12. HI there Mitch. I don't know if you are still blogging but I found this post while looking for "power Bob" reviews. My son was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and has been unable to sleep through the night in his rigid brace. It is hard for him to move or even to breathe freely in it. Was thinking a combo of memory foam and power adjustability might help. I was ready to order then saw some extremely negative reviews of Bob's furniture, although little to no comment on the power bob adjustable bases. Wondering how yours held up over time. Any motor issues? Mattress issues? Thanks for any comment you might be able to offer.
    L in CT

    1. Yes, I'm still blogging! And yes, my power Bob bed is going strong, both the mattress and the power base. I've got nothing but good things to say about Bob's and this particular bed. Good luck.

    2. What type of mattress did you get for the bed?