Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not a Cure, But Very Cool Technology

I’m awaiting some feedback from Dr. Siskin before I post images and other details about my March 16 CCSVI procedure.  In the meantime, please consider the video below, which demonstrates an amazing technological advance that may help disabled people while we wait for real cures. 


  1. I have been watching this grow & my biggest wonder as someone with MS & cog/fog is how do I get the stamina to use this device? If I can get one, I shall surely try it out!


  2. KK,

    As currently configured the exoskeleton will only work for a particular type of disability, for sure. Cog-fog and fatigue could be problematic. Won't work for me because my arms are too weak for the crutches.

    But it is an amazing product nonetheless.

  3. pretty cool!! if they could figure out a way to propel or integrate the crutches for those w/ debilitating fatigue, that would be super!!