Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Links I’ve Come Across Lately

I’m still working on finalizing a post with more details of my CCSVI procedure on March 17, but it’s not ready yet.  I’m fully recovered from the procedure (but not from MS).

In the meantime, I want to share two links with you.  At long last, the U.S. media has taken notice of CCSVI.  On Monday, March 22, the Associated Press issued this report, and on Thursday, March 25, the Wall Street Journal ran this piece.

I rate both articles with a solid C. The reporters got some things right, some things wrong, and omitted some important facts.  But this is a start.  I expect much more detailed media coverage in the coming years.  Some of it will be well done, and some of it will be crap.

I also want to share this gut wrenching video with you.  You cannot help but be impressed by Carolyn’s strength and courage.  She calls for a cure, not so much for herself, but for those who follow her.   


  1. Thanks for the links. That video is very moving. Such a courageous woman.
    I'm glad to hear you have recouped from your procedure. Have a good weekend Mitch. :)

  2. Sorry you were handed this fate, Carolyn. God bless you.

    Thanks for sharing this clip, Mitch. And I'm looking forward to your next CCSVI post.


  3. Mitch,
    It was a joy to be your "buddy" through the CCSVI testing and proceedure. Your positive, intelligent attitude is an inspiration to me and I am grateful for your willingness to share your story and others like Carolyn's on this blog. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and Kim and your powerful choice to "bloom where you are planted"...even though it's not the garden you would have choosen.

  4. Rae, thanks for stopping over and commenting.

    Weeble, I hear ya.

    Lynne, my next post is up now.

    Barbara, it was such a pleasure meeting you and sharing my experience with you last week in Brooklyn.