Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CCSVI- Diagnosis and Treatment Log Entry #5

Just a short note to let everyone know that today's procedure went well. Dr. Sclafani successfully used angioplasty on both of my jugular veins and my azygos vein. I have a meeting with him tomorrow where I'll get more details on just how severe the stenosis was.

I'm in my hotel room now, and expect to be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night.

No miracle changes on the operating table. It may take me many months to assess the impact.

No matter the final results, it was a most interesting experience.

I will blog in more detail later.


  1. I've been translating to your time zone all day today! So glad you are well. I'm happy you got some treatment, and in all 3 areas too.

    Way to go Mitch. Rest up and be well. I'm looking forward to the details.

    Thanks for being so considerate to blog on such an exhausting day.

  2. I'm thrilled for you! Sounds like you gave him quite a workout. Have a good night. Looking forward to hearing the details soon!


  3. Thanks for taking the time to update us after what must have been a challenging day. I hope tomorrow brings good news.

  4. I have a silly question. With that many veins blocked, and important ones too, how are you still alive?

  5. Good News Brother! Rest up. You deserve it. I eagerly await your update.

  6. I will be leaving for my meeting with Dr. Sclafani soon, and then hopefully home. I'll be able to write a detailed report after our meeting, but given my travel, it may be tomorrow before I post it.

    Weeble, you can go back to your home time now :-)

    Anonymouse, you asked how I'm still alive. I have two possible explanations. First, it may be that I'm really a vampire, and cannot be killed other than by a stake through my heart, or it may be that all the blockages were partial, not complete. I'll ask Dr. Sclafani for his opinion today :-)

  7. Hi Mitch
    Brilliant new, glad to hear you are well.
    Look forward to your post.

  8. Well it is reassuring that the procedure preserves one's sense of humour!
    prairiegirl Canada

  9. Great news Mitch!!! I hope you will be feeling better from the increased blood flow soon! Congrats!!

  10. Mitch you are an amazing give us hope....keep doing what you do.....