Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Would Mitch Do? or WWMD?

OK, here’s a quiz for you. Today I had an appointment that happened to be on the second floor of a medical building. Just as we were finishing up the therapy all the lights went out- I'm not sure why. But it was no big deal, since my appointment was over anyway, right? Then my therapist, Kristen, pointed out, "I bet the elevator isn't working. How are you going to get downstairs?"

Did I:
  1. Call the fire department to rescue me, much like you would with a cat stuck in a tree?
  2. Re-read the 18 month old magazines in the reception area, and just wait this thing out?
  3. Use the stair climbing mode of my wheelchair to simply descend the stairs and be on my way?
If you chose option 3 then you get a cookie. Just send me your address and I'll get that cookie on its way.  If you are an attractive woman, feel free to send me your phone number too.  What?  I have single friends that I'm looking out for.  Jeesh.

This was a particularly cool experience because it was the first time that I found myself stranded in a situation where my only option, other than doing nothing, was to use the stair climbing mode of my iBOT wheelchair. Sure, I’ve used the stair climbing mode many times before, but never because I was on an upper floor and the elevator had failed.

Since the elevators in this building were not working the stairwell was full of activity.  By the time I descended from the second floor to the first floor I had quite a group of people watching me (and waiting for me to get out of their damn way). It was really cool. I'm glad that the power went out. It kind of made my day.  

For more information about my iBOT wheelchair please watch the videos on the right-hand side of this webpage, or read a two-part posting I published this summer:

This is Not My Mother’s Wheelchair (Part 1)

This is Not My Mother’s Wheelchair (Part 2)


  1. Unassisted? I have only seen you traverse stairs with a copilot.

  2. dapulpguy,

    Yes, unassisted. I only need the help of my lovely assistant Kim when the stairs do not have railings, like the ones going into your house.

    This comment reminds me that I need to make a video for this blog that shows me in action with the various iBOT modes. I'll start on that soon.