Friday, August 28, 2009

Check Out My New Video of Two Lights State Park

In the top right hand corner of the page...enjoy.

Or watch it here


  1. Hi Question for you. Watching your video, and I am wondering how the Ibot does if the ground / dirt is soft? Does it need to be fairly compact? Thanks


  2. Hi Gretchen. I think your question is best answered by referring you to another video, just a little below the Two Lights video, called "Taking the iBot to the Beach". In that video I demonstrate how I can go well on the hard packed sand near the water, but I can't go well on the really soft, fluffy sand near the entrance to the beach, so my wife and I improvise. This soft, fluffy sand is about the only surface I have encountered that the iBot does not handle well. I'm good on grass, gravel, ice, snow, etc. I can go on a muddy lawn, but I leave ruts. My wife doesn't like it when I do that...

  3. Hi Mitch, I was at Two Lights last weekend during the hurricane waves. It's one of my favorite places, in fact I went the day after
    Sept 11th attack. I'll never go again without your narration. Speilberg has nothing on you! Great job. Lots of love, Lynn

  4. him Mitch, i finally read through all of the posts. It is AWESOME. i sent the website to my cousin who also has MS. I am hapy you facebooked to let us know there was a new posting.

    Two Lights is wonderful. whe i as in Maine for my intial interview i got up early to see them and got a run in. it probalby helped my performance.


  5. Lynn and Bake,

    I'm glad you guys are familiar with Two Lights, and have visited there around important times in your life. I know I'll keep going back.